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Cool GaGa-Gadgets

Lady Gaga. We all know her for her music, but she’s also a technology innovator. She’s designed some cool gadgets with some of the world’s top companies like Apple, Google, Verizon, and Polaroid.

With the coming of the digital age and film photography so 90′s, the Polaroid company was facing extinction. Looking for a way to reinvent the company and make it’s products appeal to today’s iyouths, they turned to the mother monster Lady Gaga. In 2010 she became Polaroid’s Creative Director and helped them design some cool gadgets.

The Polaroid 300 Instant camera.  Takes business card sized photos ready in about 60 seconds.  Originally retailed for $89, but seemingly low sales has caused stores to mark them down or put on clearance.  Can be found for $49-$59 dollars.  The film runs around $10-$11 for a 10 pack.  The design was made to appeal to young kids, but the cost apparently wasn’t.  A buck a mini photo explains why my kids won’t be getting one.

The Polaroid GL 20 camera glasses, also known as GAGA VISION.  These sunglasses can take a picture, then display them right back at you on their mini LCD screens.  Release has been delayed and price unannounced.


The Polaroid g30 instant camera.  Has a neat flip up lcd screen that rotates.  Around $200.  Ok, so you’ve got the Gaga Vision and the new Gl30.  Where do these pictures print out?  In the next device.

The GL 10 Bluetooth wireless printer.  Both the Gaga Vision and Instant Camera can instantly transmit the picture to this small, hand held printer and print them out instantly.  Prints out 2×3 or 3×4 photos.  Also has a USB interface and works with other digital cameras and cell phones, not just the Polaroid.  I saw a demonstration of this product and it works very well and is pretty darn cool.  Originally retailed for $169.99, but can be found for $99 -$109.  Film comes in 50 or 80 packs from $17 – $30+.  Averages out to about .35 to .37 cents a photo, much better than the $1+ for the 300 camera.

So you’ve got the Polaroids and are taking pictures like crazy.  But where do you put them?  Lady Gaga has an answer for that too.

Introducing the new Gaga Polaroid suit.  You won’t find it in stores, but can easily make it yourself with those new Polaroid products.  Just get a roll of double sided tape and make your own.  Now you can keep up with the latest Gaga fashion statements.

Enough of the Polaroid.  Here’s more cool Gagadgets.

The Apple ipod Shuffle Gaga special edition.  $200.

Gaga USB device.  $30, but comes with “The Fame Monster” cd already on it.


Gaga Heartbeat ear buds.  High performance and retails around $129.99.  User reviews have been good on sound and performance.  Available in many different colors.

The Gaggia Gelatiera 74500N Ice Cream Maker.  Around 259 Euros.  User reviews are outstanding and say it’s the best ice cream maker out there.

Miss Germanotta has also designed or inspired the design of many sunglasses for those that want to look like a fame monster.



If any of you monsters are thinking about buying any of these gagadets, know that Gaga would only lend her name to a high quality product.  Although you pay a little extra for her endorsement, you’ll get what you pay for.


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