Posted August 24, 2012 by Lucian in Movies



Killer Thriller is a new pen and paper role-playing game from Tony Lee and Timeout Diversions. The object of the game is for each player to make three or four characters who are stereotypes from B-movies. These losers have statistics like Unluck and Unwise rather than the heroic stats of most role-playing games. As a player loses characters they get to add the Unharm (essentially hit points for you D&D fans out there) of the dead character to one of their living ones. So as the victims die off they get stronger. When you are down to your last character they become the “Last Survivor” and gain a number of special abilities. Chief among these is ability to kill boss monsters.

Riddled with quotes from horror movies both famous and infamous the game reeks of style. And it’s so flexible you can use it to create any type of B-horror movie. Slasher flicks, giant bugs, alien invasions or even a disaster movie. But this is a true beer and pretzels game because you’re not going to get deep role-playing or complicated combat. No, the game is so simple it’s ideal for players new to role-playing games in general. Sure it’s only a black and white (save the cover) and clocks in at a mere 28 pages in PDF format; but considering I got my copy for $3 at DriveThruRPG.com I feel it was money well spent.
Fans of films where most of the cast die will love this game. Every character is a potential victim and victims can even be turned into monsters. Every character controlled by the GM is a monster but there can be shades of grey that keep players from just blowing everyone they meet away for fear they will slaughter them. This is a B-movie. Your characters will do stupid things because dice tell them to or because you decide to, and you get bonuses if you do!