Posted July 6, 2012 by Drop in Movies

The Top 5 Movies For Date Night At Home On Netflix Streaming: A Guys Perspective


By Drop

It can be tricky; trying to choose the perfect movie for what one hopes will be a perfect night with your significant other. This is especially so when the relationship is still budding. Now, I’m very far from being an expert on dating and women and everything else that comes with the combination of those two things, but I do have a knack for picking out a good movie to watch. From the vast streaming library of Netflix I have narrowed down 5 movies that are perfect to watch with your special someone, no matter what point of the process you’re at.

5) The Crow:

- The Crow is a legendary and tragic film, both in its cinematic universe and reality that treads the line of crazy action movie and dark love story seamlessly. This is, what I refer to as, a compromise movie: Love story for the ladies and gun fights for the guys.

Eric Draven, aka The Crow, comes back from the dead to avenge the brutal slaying of him and his fiancé, and he does so with a smile painted on his face. While I enjoy the violent and dark nature of the film, I truly appreciate the feeling of loss Brandon Lee conveyed through his character. He gives the performance of a lifetime as a man who lived only for the woman he loved, and returns from the dead to collect the lives of those who took his soul.

4) Haunted Honeymoon:

- Before you jump to conclusions about my motives for including this film on the list, let me clarify that it really has nothing to do with marriage. Heck, if anything this movie may make you think twice about whose family you decide to marry into. Really, though, I chose this movie for two reasons: Gene Wilder and Gilda Radner.

One of the greatest comedic husband and wife acts of recent history, Wilder and Radner give brilliant performances as radio actors on their honeymoon at Larry Abbot’s (Wilder) family mansion. The film, while primarily a comedy, has the feel of a 1940’s murder mystery in which the story twists and turns with the halls of the vast estate until the true motive of their journey through family secrets is revealed.

3) Rango:

- Hmm, well…um, I’m not really quite sure why I think this would be a good date movie. I just think it was a great movie in general, and there really isn’t a bad time to watch it. It’s got a strong story, memorable characters, and some very funny moments. So, you know, …whatever.

2) Wet Hot American Summer:

- When no one can make a decision, and no compromise can be reached, always default to a comedy. David Wain’s Wet Hot American Summer is one of those cult films with an obsessive fan base that seems to grow larger with each new viewer. The film takes place on the last day of summer camp, when the hammer of reality is about to smash the mystique of the seemingly infinite summer that is only experienced in youth. The time to act on the procrastinated desires that have been building since the school doors slammed shut behind them is now. The cast is full of, now, familiar faces such as; Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, Baradley Cooper, Christopher Meloni, as well as the very recognizable voice of H. Jon Benjamin as the can of vegetables. That’s correct, there is a talking can of vegetables. Interested yet?

1) Evil Dead

- Really, there’s never a bad time to watch Evil Dead. At its heart, the classic cult horror flick is a slap stick comedy with one of the finest working actors in the world. I’m referring of course to the one and only, Bruce Campbell. Only BC can make an absurd amount of blood to the face a comical event. His terrific physical acting and witty, well timed smart ass remarks have made the character of Ash a legend that will (and should) never be duplicated. While there is a soft side to Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead, don’t think this movie is all farts and knock-knock jokes, because it’s not. Raimi reinvented the “cabin in the woods” subgenre with his unseen evil antagonist and penchant for over the top violence. This has the potential to scare you, so make sure you and your significant other snuggle up close, let BC do his thing, and wait for the magic to happen.